Thursday, August 31, 2006

Go away alligators!!!

I learned early on in my medical career that there is no homeostasis in our line of work. One is either up to their ears in alligators or fighting for the eyelids not to fall too soon in the shift. Recently it has seemed that the alligators have been especially hungry and the people we work for keep throwin some bate to keep them interested. And in a moment of crazyness this week I realized something.
Most days on my way to work, as I walk through the hallways, I say a prayer that basicly says Let me be Your hands and my words be Yours and to let there be a clam over me if chaos should come. For the most part, on those nights, even when it is busy, there is a sense of calm. Well, I noticed that the past couple weeks that my prayers had changed a little and that perhaps I was askin for the wrong things. They were simply...God...please don't make it crazy cause I hate crazy. So, after I realized this I felt like, of course it's been crazy. I haven't been going to work as His servent. I have been going as gator bate! So last night on my way to work I had a little God time and basicly The calm returned!! No suprise!! God is Good!! So I guess we need to all deside daily weahter we want to be the the bate or the servent.


Carl and Kathy Meyer said...

Well said, Marcia,, And I know just how you feel. We all need to get ready for our work by praying and putting " on the armour" But sometimes we forget and just rush in unprepared. It is a good thing that he hears our prayers all the time.. even in the chaos. Love ya, MOM

Carl and Kathy Meyer said...

Welcome to the wonderful, crazy world of medicine!! I have been on call this weekend and, actually, if folks would not be so neurotic and actually look objectively (ha) at what is going on, my/our lives would be easier.
Love, Dad