Monday, August 14, 2006

The Great Ohio State Fair

Ahhh....noting like the smell of hot city pavement, corn dogs, chilli fries, ribs, funnel cakes, and livestock all wofting together to make the wonderful smell of the fair. Rachel, Brad, Chip and I ventured off to the great Ohio State Fair yesterday afternoon. Now... we always seem to have fun wherever we go, but there is definatelly nothin like the fair to bring out the best in us. Who couldn't have fun there. So much to see, to do, and lets not forget what's there to eat!! (the highlight for most of us) AS I think back to what we all ate yesterday...I can't help but get a little nauseated...since we managed to get a little of just about everything. Roast Corn....check. Corn dogs...check. Chili cheese fries, blooming onion, steak sandwich...check, check, and check. Funnel cake, rootbeer float, apple dumpling....uh....check, check, and check. Now...we did share all these woderful delights before you start getting too concerned about the amount of time we will have to spend at the gym this week just to wipe out that one day. (PS>>>I did go today for 2 1/2hours)
WE did see a couple cool things. First there was the 2100 lb butter sculpture desplay...yeah...all butter. We saw a little baby cow that kinda looked like a deer...but we are pretty sure it was all cow. There were lots of cool vendors. Brad found his favorite hamock chair and got a great deal on it. (Chip is coveting the chair) We rode the sky coster...and the couple in front of us was so cute!! Kissin and snugglin!! I wonder who that was?!?! And strangely enough...our mind bender of the day came from a local church's booth. And as we pondered the question and the answer...we must have looked here was the question and we'll see if any of you get it faster than we did.
What man made thing is now in Heaven?................
we ended our fair adventure with a little tear...cause we couldn't get tickets to see Rascal Flatts....and they were right there...but we were all a little glad to get home. It was a lot of fun. Highly recomended!!

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