Sunday, August 06, 2006

Ok, so Chip and I are apperantely behind the times and have yet to connect with the blog world. So in lue 0f that fact and Chip's begging, I decided to put one together Hopefully we will be able to stay better connected this way.
My profound thought in doing this, I love our new macbook!!! Thank you, thank you, Thank you Mom and Dad! It is proving to be the high quality machine that you have made it out to be. We are going through the process of putting some music on it now which is a lot of fun. I will start using it for more practical applacations this week, cause I got my first online assignmet( or preassignment as they like to call it). For those of you who haven't heard I am going to be finishing my bachlors online. yippie!!
Well, I hope you are all stunned by our progress in technology. Who knows, I might just love it!!
Chip and Marcia

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