Monday, October 02, 2006

Intensive Water Therapy

Yeah....We survived the Gulley River!! White Water Rafting was a great adventure. Just thought you might Like to see some of the pictures from the weekend!!
Our Campsite!!

The beautiful New River Bridge

Nick, Beth, Jessie, Carl, Chip, and I showing off our beautiful wet suits!!

Our final group shot before hitting the water!!

Our group takes on the first rapid!! A level 5!!(note: we are all still in the raft!)

Going Vertical!!

Sucked into the swell, and minus 2.5 in the raft!! (Chip, Nick, and our guide Willa out of the raft)

Survivors!!! All Victorous!!!

Jessie and Carl taking a swim!!

Campers, taking on the rain!!

...And poor Chips never ending battle with wet, green wood and the rain...and therefore the lack of fire!!

A very eventful weekend to say the least!! These are just a few pictures from our adventure. Nick and Beth are making a shot picture show of this weekend...once we get the link I will add it on here, so you all can see it too!!

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