Monday, November 13, 2006

Eastern Market/ Capital City Flea Market

Over the past weekend I had an oppertunity to go visit my friend Amy in Washington D.C. It was super nice to visit with my old highschool friend and just relax a little. Chip had to work the weekend and suggested that I go, just to get a break before the holiday rush and chaos began. So I went. And I Love my Husband for letting me go!!! As much as we dislike being seperated for any length of time, sometimes a short seperation is good.
So Amy and I made several attempts to go shopping at different malls and such around the area, hoping to get a start on the Christmas shopping of course. One note worthy place we visited was The Eastern Market and Capital City Flea Market. (This would be Columbus' equivlant to North Market, which is one of my many favorite places here at home!!!) I would say this market was 4 times the size of North Market, with a huge variety of vendors ranging from produce, to art, to jewelry, to food. So, I thought you might like a couple pictures from there. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

hi guys looks likes its a harvestastic there in OHIO
gorgeous pics ummm whom was the oinker with an apple in His mouth as if I didnt know?? the comic stylings of CHIPster? love you guys talk atcha later

Anonymous said...

ooops this woudl be autie michee
love ya