Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snowed in on Valentine's Day

The Winter wonderland arrived all of a sudden yesterday and oh did it snow...sleet...and of course rain and freeze. I think most of the State of Ohio shut down and rightfully so. So...what did we do on the Hallmark celebrated day of love...we shovelled and pushed cars and walked and shovelled and pushed cars and walked!! Oh...the fun and excitement!! We did make some time for hot cocoa and coffee...then ended the night with a wonderfully designed dinner of porkchops and potatos and double layered chocolate cake with heathbar between the layers. Yummm!!!
We hope you all faired the weather well and enjoyed This Valentines Day.

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Anonymous said...

the snow is up to my waist here. the work commute has been interesting... more of the same for the most part, but the city is horrible! they just aren't used to the snow that us a little further from the lake get.