Thursday, February 26, 2009

On the Road to 30

When I was younger, I remember thinking that 30 was old. I couldn't imagine being thirty. I made fun of people as they turned thirty and mocked them for getting old. I also remember feeling like people who were turning 30 were so well off. They had money, and jobs, and friends, and were always going to parties and hanging out with their friends. They didn't have to go to school anymore. I thought this was awsome...cause at the time all I knew was skewed by lack of experience in life.
28 feels old to me. There are so many monumental things happening in life...including friends and family getting married, people everywhere having babies, people taking good jobs, people going back to school for second careers...the scheduling of a 10 year high school reunion. Where does time go. Really!!
I know the saying goes " your Only as old as you feel" and while I would like to consider myself a young person, I do not feel young anymore and the events of a birthday don't do anything to make a person feel any younger...they actually make you feel older...because as you get older birthdays become less of a special day and more of a day like any other day. It's unfortunate but true. I do appreciate the family and friends that take the time to make my birthday special. It was!! And for all of you who are getting old...I understand!!!

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