Thursday, June 18, 2009

There is a theme that surfaces at every graduation ceremony be it from high school or college. CHANGE. It is during that time in ones life that each person becomes increasingly aware of the inevitability of Change. When I left High School 10 years ago I was certain that Change would happen, be it for the good or otherwise. It is easy to point out changes that have taken place in retrospect. And while I can list some of those bigger changes that have occurred in my own life, I had only on occasion thought about the changes that might have taken place in the lives of those that I went to school with.

Nothing makes one think of these things more than a reunion. So, Chip and I packed up the new Escape and made our way to the Tionesta, Pennsylvania.

The process of getting ready for this reunion was a bit of a stressor for me. 10 years away from this group of people, and the rural lifestyle had me going crazy about what I should wear, what Chip should wear, what I should take, and what pictures I should submit from the ten years we’d all been apart.

Turns out, I should have just remembered what we were all like before we left high school and let that inspire my decisions. I mean... A rural small town, a reunion at a horse ranch…I should have figured it was going to be a pretty casual affair.

Here are a few observations from my reunion.
1. It’s true that a shift in appearance has occurred. People who where once very thin are not so anymore. People who were larger are now smaller. Different haircuts change a persons face. But when you find a familiar face from across the room you automatically think of that person just as you did 10 years ago.
2. Those people who were the best of friends in High School are still the best of friends even though miles separate them.
3. People are more considerate of their family time. Every one of us that traveled back to our hometown was thankful for an opportunity to see our family members. Those with Children were most excited about having a weekend to allow their children some quality grandparent time.
4. You can take someone out of the small town, but it is true that the small town never really leaves people.
5. You never really forget your first crush.
6. Pictures are a priceless thing to help one remember as time goes by.

I think the thing that surprised me the most about the reunion was that people were more concerned about how happy and healthy everyone was. Not that they weren’t inquiring about what we are doing and where we are living but that those things were less important than health and happiness. (Which of course they are!)

Anyhow…I am really thankful that I grew up with the small group of people that I did because even after 10 years passing, hanging out with them was like old times. I am beginning to realize more and more how unique that is and I wouldn’t change it for anything!

So, Class of 1999 if you are reading this, Thank you for being the awesome people you are and I look forward to staying in touch and getting together again sometime soon!

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Amy said...

Good review of the reunion. I didn't really think about it until you mentioned it, but there really was no focus on jobs, money or success. Kind of like a family reunion instead of a class reunion.