Monday, October 30, 2006

Crisp Apple Day

Once again, our eyes are too big for our stomaches. We all took the oppertunity yesterday to enjoy the last day of apple picking at Lynd's Apple Orchard. It was a beautiful clear day, with lots of sun. The temperture was a little chilly, but common for this time of year. I just can't believe it is almost November. Doesn't seem possible, but I guess it is. So anyway, with Beth and Nick, Jessie, Carl, Libby, Jackie, and Ryan...we headed to the orchard. Now...Last year we began a running joke about the 40lb rule, and how every time we go picking we should try and reach that goal. Again, last year, with our 40 lbs. of apples we made somewhere around 16 pies and a bunch of apple sauce, and that was plenty. So...If you were to guess, based on past behavior, How many pounds of apples do you think we picked this year?

Well, I'll let the pictures speak to that, but I will give you a hint there where six bags that left the orchard with us all. I know....Sad!! But!!! So enjoy the pictures.

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Kate said...

Save some pie for me!