Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Pumpkin Festival

So, for the first time in three years we got to enjoy The Circleville Pumpkin Festival without the fridged rain and chilled bones. It did make quite a difference in our festival exerience, in that we actually got to take our time and see all the stands and booths. That was a lot of fun. Chip and I realized, while we were walking around why this festival in particual has been so facinating to us. First, we both grew up in relatively small communities. Second, We LOVE fall. And third, Neither of us can think of a festival that actually takes place in the middle of town. Circleville, literly had to close it's streets for the festivities and that to us signifies the true escense of a small town festival. Of course, I can't leave this blog without mention of the greatest donuts I have ever had!! There is this little bakery in the middle of Circleville, I think it is called Linddy's. It has been around for several generations and has the most amazing pumpkin donuts. They are so good, that we stood in line for 45 minutes just to get some!! (We have done this rain or shine!!) So, that was the highlight of our weekend. Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

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Kate said...

(as long as there is no nutmeg in it!) I miss you guys so much. Can we video chat soon? Email me- KM_in_Italy@yahoo.com. Love you!