Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Chippy's Birthday

26 and counting!!! What an old man!!
We spent Chip's Birthday weekend in Cleveland visiting with Brad and Rachel...Which was super fun and relaxing all the same!! Thank you Brad for welcoming us into your new, beautiful home. We thought you might like to see some of the pictures so...here you go.

us singing happy birthday to chip at IHOP with 15 employees!!!

AWA...I love you!!!!

Then after the Cleveland trip, we returned home and celebrated with the Dekkers. Beth went out of her way this year and made some pretty funny piggy cakes and a sentamental but oh so delicious oreo tower. Chip opened all his gifts from the family. He LOVES them all. He said to me, and I am sure he won't mind me sharing...he felt so much love from everyone on his Birthday, even though he was seperated from most of the family. He loves you all!!!! (As do I)
So Happy Birthday to my Baby!! May you continue to grow old with me forever!!!

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