Monday, January 29, 2007

My Best Friend's Getting Married!!!!

Chip and I are both in a stupor of excitement for our dear friends Rachel and Brad!! It is official, there is definatelly a ring on the finger, and the wedding plans are under way!! It's been so exciting to watch thier relationship grow. Sadly for me, this means my best girl friend is moving to Cleveland! That's right Cleveland! It's a good thing for Brad that I like him and want nothing more for the two of them to be happy, otherwise I would be beefing up the tears and laying on the gulit. ( I LOVE YOU GUYS!!)
So, let the celebration of Love begin!!!! We're getting ready for a wedding!!!
Congrats Rachel and Brad!!

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Anonymous said...

yay! that's on the way to rosa's! (for now, anyway) tell rachel that i said congrats!