Thursday, June 28, 2007

Relaxation at last!!

Sorry for the delay in postings...Chip and I have been pretty busy with work and me with my online classes. Fortunatelly we finally got a brief but much needed break just in time for the Meyer family vacation. It is always a blessing to enjoy God's creation and what better place to do that than at the ocean!!! So we made the 12 hour drive to the Outer Banks traveling with Beth and Nick. We stayed overnight in Elizabeth City and enjoyed some pretty amazing fried seafood delights at a local restaurant there. The next morning we made the two hour journey down highway 12 to Captian's Quarters which has been the home that the family has stayed in for over 10 years.
The week was beautiful with amazing weather. We did a lot of beach sitting and swimming in the rather warm and calm ocean. Afew of us took an oppertunity to visit a local spa while we were there and I recieved my very first massage. Who ever knew pain could feel so good!!! Sign me up for the massages!! I am sold!!! All in all the vacation went very well and we returned home relaxed and ready for another busy spell.

We did stop in Charolettesville Virginia on our way home and toured Monticello, the magnificant plantation of Thomas Jefferson. I have to say, touring old dead people's houses was never a favorite activity of mine growing up...but the older we get, the more we all seem to appreciate the history and the experiences!
Here are a few pictures from the week past. Enjoy!!! I will try to post more frequently for those who are blog fans!!

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love the new pictures!