Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Baby Steps" to New Hampshire

My Mom and stepdad, Dan have lived in New Hampshire for going on 10 years together. Because of school, and then lack of funds...I have never been able to travel up that way to see them. Thanks to the sweet deals provided by the new airline, Skybus...which flies out of Columbus and to Portsmouth New Hampshire, Chip and I were finally able to arrange a little visit to " the beautiful water in a high place" otherwise known as Lake Winnipesaukee.( or for fellow comedy fans...the lake that Bob Wiley goes to to see his therapist Dr. Leo Marvin)
Now, It has been a little less than two years since I have seen my Mom and Dan, so getting to see them and visit with them was exciting. We got to see many of New Hampshire's famous natural attractions by plains, trains, and automobile ( and trams). There were covered Bridges, lakes, water falls, mountains, mooses, and ocean. We were on the go...and really, there was no baby stepping.
We took around three hundered pictures because everything was just so beautiful. There is nothing like whitnessing God's artwork first hand, so we thought we might share with you some of the highlights.

Including a view of Nubble Light House, our train ride, Riding the Mt. Washington cruise, waterfalls, mountains, trams, mooses, lakes, fireworks, and lobster but to name a few. Truth be told there are way to many pictures to post them all here, but ask, and we would love to share them with you!!

" Don't HASSLE me I'm Local!!!!"-Bob Wiley's tee-shirt


Nick said...

Awesome pictures! Some really nice shots you took. I love the moose, and the two of you all "bibbed" up to eat lobster.

Anonymous said...

I want to go! What great pictures Mush!!

Kate said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures! I love you both very very much!

Anonymous said...

so next meeting is in new england?