Friday, August 17, 2007

It's a walk in the park!!

Last weekend Chip and I took a day trip to Kennywood Park to spend the day with two of my best friends!! Collaboratively we travelled about 10 hours to spend the day together, some of us on next to no sleep, but those are but small matters when you consider the quality time we got to spend together. Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.

We did learn some valuable lessions on this road trip to Pittsburgh ( which of course we should have aready known being that we are both farmiliar with the area and the park). So here are the lessons just so you don't make the same mistakes we did.

1. When going to an ammusement park always bring a change of clothes- rain and water rides tend to make soggy bottoms!
2. Always have back up directions when driving around Pittsburgh because you never know when a highway will be closed and you'll be forced to take an hour detore through every suburb of the city.
3. SLEEP before makes for less of a crazy drive home
4. In the event that you haven't slept and you are loading up on all the caffine the world has to offer...and it is 80 + degrees out....remember to add water otherwise...Hello dehydration!!!
5. Age is a factor on the motion sickness quota!!
6. There is some added security in old park rides for people of a larger size...the squeeze factor will be sure to hold you in place in the event of something going terrably wrong.
7. Friends are worth traveling for, even if only for afew quality hours!! We Love you Amy, Rosa, and Heidi!!!

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