Friday, February 08, 2008

Wow I am behind!

Okay, I appoligize to everyone who follows the blogs to keep updated on our crazy busy lives. A lot has happened since our last post and I am not even going to begin to list everything. I will however share some highlights and make a promise to update more diligently!

1. We bought and moved into our first home in December. Awsome! It is a 3 bedroom, two bathroom Cape Cod in the Clintonville area of Columbus! It is conventiently located a little over a mile from Riverside( the hospital I work) and 1.5 miles from Beth and Nick's new home.

2. We are going to be aunt Marcia and Uncle Chip(again). Nick and Beth are expecting their First baby toward the end of June. So, excited about having a baby around to play with!

3.Christmas and New Years Came and went. Both were wonderful, but busy. Wild Goose New Years Festival and Family visiting and traveling and all.

Okay, I think that is all the big stuff I think. We are happy here in our new little home. Kitty is loving all the extra space as are we. It is so nice to have room for people to come and visit. So Far we have had Rachel and Brad, Amy, Carrie and Abbey, Vitaly, Bill, and some of the Dekker's friends during the New Years Festival enjoying our new space with us! We look forward to many of you coming as well. There is an open invitation!

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Nick said...

Yeah, so much going on! We're glad we live so close to you now.